My Own Pet Peeve

2013-11-22 07.57.15Sweatshirt – Target (girls section!!! Similar here) | Pinstripe Blouse – NY&Co (Old) | Riding Boots – Coach (want these, obvs) | Arm Candy – Burberry Watch; J.Crew Black Bangle

Confession:  I never would have worn this outfit 5 years ago.   Wearing black and brown together used to be my biggest pet peeve -  number 1 on my list of “what not to wear”.  And I’m not sure when that changed, but I have slowly but surely become the biggest offender of my own pet peeve.  Don’t get me wrong -  it has to be the right shade of brown (I still cringe if I see chocolate brown paired with black) and the rest of the outfit has to lend itself to the black/brown pairing, but overall I’m a fan.
2013-11-22 07.57.21There are no hard and fast rules for pairing black with brown, but a good rule of thumb is to make sure there are at least 2 “brown” toned pieces to the outfit.   For this look – the gold sequined polka dots on the sweatshirt have brown undertones so the brown boots don’t look mismatched or out of place.
2013-11-22 07.58.35

Uneasy about mixing black and  brown?  Try adding a pop of leopard or tortoiseshell, which both seamlessly incorporate both black and brown and will help to tie the two shades together.

So tell me, what are your biggest fashion pet peeves? 


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5 thoughts on “My Own Pet Peeve

  1. Such a great outfit! Brown and black go well together. You did a great job. I love that you got the sweater in the girls section. good for you!

  2. I used to be the same way! I obsessed about making sure black and brown never appeared in the same outfit. Now, I am a fan of black and camel together, and as you said, tortoise or leopard with black. This is such a cute outfit–I might have to check out the girls’ section for that sweater!

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